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Your customers judge you based on the accuracy of your content—and that includes grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We've seen instructors who will not adopt a textbook if they notice even ONE spelling error!

Hire the right copyeditor, and it can make or break your sales.

We Catch Things Other Copyeditors Don't
How do we do this? There are two reasons: content knowledge and editorial experience. Our copyeditors have content knowledge in a broad range of subject areas, from nursing and pharmaceuticals to literature and the arts. Although content knowledge is not necessary to provide a good copyedit, it sure helps!

But a good copyedit isn't just about catching typos—it's also about making the text readable and level appropriate. We're pros in these areas.

Our copyeditors have held many editorial positions (such as developmental editors, acquisitions editors, medical writers). Our edits and author queries are insightful and are based on many years of acquiring, developing, and writing content.

When you hire a Dynamic WordWorx copyeditor,
you're getting a true publishing professional
who will make your product shine.

Turnaround Time
We have several experienced copyeditors who can typically take your project immediately. Although we work fast, we don't work sloppy. You can rest assured that even on a tight deadline, you'll still get a high quality edit.

We charge per-page rates versus hourly rates. Our definition of a "page" is one that uses 12-pt Times New Roman type and double spacing. Rates vary depending on the level of edit needed (light, moderate, heavy) as well as the timeframe.

Although we prefer to copyedit electronically (electronic edits are typically done in Microsoft Word using its track changes feature), we are experienced in hardcopy editing, as well.

We also can tag your hardcopy or electronic manuscript with specific design and XML codes.

Style Manuals
We are familiar with AP, Chicago, AMA, GPO, and APA style manuals.

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