Get the adoption
with fast, thorough correlations.

CorrelationPros, a division of Dynamic WordWorx, is a team of experienced correlators who are subject matter experts…and educational and publishing experts. We’ve helped companies like Harcourt, Silver Burdett, Scott Foresman, and Pearson get the adoption. Hire us to give you the same advantage.

What makes us special?

  • We are a correlations-focused team comprised of experienced teaching and publishing professionals.
  • Our team approach allows us to work fast…without sacrificing quality.
  • We are focused on YOUR product, and can customize the correlation to your needs.
  • Correlations are thorough and thoughtful...not just the result of a software "search" function.
  • Subject matter experts: reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and more!
  • Foreign language expertise
  • We Put the “Relate” in Correlate
    We know that the stakes are high…your success depends on landing the state adoptions. No correlation; no adoption business. We get that, because we’ve lived that. We’ve sat where you sit. We’ve met bid deadlines and provided briefs and correlations along with our textbook samples. We’ve presented to state textbook adoption committees. We know the challenges, and we know how to meet them.

    Correlations drive sales. Why let constructing them drive you crazy?
    Let’s face it. Correlations are not the most glamorous part of the publishing business. To be honest—it takes a special kind of person (a UDAR, or an ultra-detailed anal-retentive) to groove on doing correlations...and we are a team of UDARs!

    No correlation job is too small—or too big.

    Who Are We?
    We're an expert team of correlators comprised of teachers, editors, advertising managers, development editors, writers, and educational media and foreign language specialists.

    We have hands-on experience managing correlations, writing correlations, using correlations as one-on-one and group sales tools. We’ve done state presentations, awareness workshops, and in-service workshops.

    We have successfully met AND EXCEEDED our clients’ expectations for correlations of every type and at every stage of the publishing cycle (described below).

    We are elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary educators. As experienced teachers, we are subject matter experts who regularly correlate our materials to local, state, and national standards. So we know what our fellow teachers are looking for in correlations. In addition to teaching the core areas in English, we teach foreign languages, as well.

    Past Clients
    Our clients have included editors, as well as marketing and sales departments, of such key publishing companies as Harcourt, Silver Burdett, Scott Foresman, and Pearson.

    No Correlations = No Adoption Business
    In math and science, in the world of statistics and experimental sciences, the basic principle is undisputed: correlation is not causation. However, in the state adoption arena of educational publishing, the inverse is true: correlation IS causation. That is, a well-done correlation is the requisite cause for getting listed.

    Other Ways Correlations Can Build Sales
    We have used correlations in many ways to help publishers build sales, and we can do it for you, too. We know how to parlay the textbook correlation-principle to your advantage in every stage of the publishing cycle. We know how to use correlations to meet the needs of all your constituents. For example:

  • Local, state, and national correlations
  • Predevelopment correlations: Used to formulate the revision plan and justify business plan approval, so you know where you need to go and can plot the course to get there
  • Development (a.k.a. reality check) correlations: Why wait until the project is completed to discover you’re missing a big piece–or even a little piece–of the requisite content? Our developmental expertise is unparalleled.
  • Postpublication: official documents for state bids, marketing and sales tools
  • Competitive correlations: Find out how your competition stacks up to the standards, and how you stack up to the competition. Uncover competitive advantages—or discover potential competitive weaknesses.
  • Our correlations have been so compelling that they have been printed as their own standalone sales tool.

    Our End Product
    We create correlations to your specs—or we can custom design them for you by our expert staff.

    De-Stress and Breathe a Sigh of Relief
    We know that these are high-stress situations, and we help to reduce your stress by providing fast, thorough correlations. Because we have a large team of correlators, that means we can attack a deadline with multiple heads and hands, yet provide a consistent, high-quality end product.

    Our focus is on YOU and increasing YOUR business.
    It’s that simple.

    So contact us now to get us working for YOU.

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