"I really appreciate you and your team and how smoothly this project went. Your writers were really terrific and [DWW associate] made sure that everything was in great condition when it came to me...This was probably the most successful course I have worked on for content development and management."

Brenda Boyce, RN, EdD

"Elena is one of THE VERY BEST freelancers I've ever worked with, and she's fun to boot. Put her on your speed dial!"

Susan Rhyner
Senior Acquisitions Editor
F.A. Davis

"Elena Mauceri has assembled a world-class team of publishing professionals that applies a unique and special combination of qualities to each project that they touch. Every one of them is truly outstanding. Their attention to every detail is a publisher's dream. Their creative, hands-on, problem-solving approach has helped us in so many ways -- from feature development to design to quality assurance to author management. When I hire Dynamic WordWorx, I can count on superior collaboration toward on-schedule project delivery and an end product that is built to win. I owe much of the success of my editorial portfolio to the efforts of these talented individuals."

Mark Cohen
Head of Higher Education Product Strategy
Pearson Education

"My initial contact with Elena Mauceri was as developmental editor (DE) for my first textbook, Core Concepts in Pharmacology, Prentice-Hall. Being a novice to textbook publishing, I was unaware of the enormous number of details required to prepare manuscript and see it through to publication. In addition, I was more than a little apprehensive.
Elena was competent at accomplishing the thousands of details required of a DE for such a large, innovative project such as mine. More than that, she was a true teacher, always patient when explaining the various steps of the publishing process to me. She skillfully handled conflicts between authors, the publisher and the production house. She always maintained a positive “can do” attitude.
Since that first textbook, Elena proceeded to be the DE for my second work Pharmacology in Nursing: A Pathophysiologic Approach by Prentice-Hall, and the second editions of both of these textbooks. A large part of the success of these texts has been due to her competence and diligence. I look forward to working with Elena on future projects, should they arise."

Michael Adams, PhD
St. Petersburg College

"Elena Mauceri is an exceptional developmental editor. Her strong editing skills, her quick grasp of content, and her keen eye for detail helped us produce a highly readable book that flows logically and avoids redundancy. But Elena brings so much more than that to a project. She has the wonderful ability to offer suggestions and critique without offending and to stay calm and supportive even in high stress moments. If she joins your team, count your blessings!"

Patricia A. Ladewig, PhD
Regis University

"For the last 6 years, Elena has been the developmental editor for two projects, Core Concepts in Pharmacology and Pharmacology for Nurses, A Pathophysiologic Approach. Both books are in publication with Pearson Education – Prentice Hall (two editions now for each book).
Elena has driven these projects and more. She has worked tirelessly and diligently with teams of authors, reviewers, editors, contributors, copy editors, etc. Our projects have been very aggressive in my opinion, and yet she seemingly handled the schedule without effort.
My experience with her has been very positive. She is very gifted in her business, very thorough in her work and largely responsible for the success of three books. I commend her for her diligent work!"

Norm Holland, PhD
Associate Academic Dean
Southeastern University

"[The publisher] brought in the creative team of editors led by Elena Mauceri of Dynamic WordWorx. Elena's contributions to the finished manuscript are substantial, and the text reflects many of her suggestions. I especially appreciate the hard, diligent work of [Dynamic WordWorx associate], who applied a directed problem-solving approach to many of the technical problems associated with the text and contributed her superb creative talents as well." [exerpt from Acknowledgments of Unlocking Medical Terminology, ©2006, Pearson Education]

Bruce Wingerd
San Diego State University

"Elena Mauceri worked tirelessly for several years to develop the initial vision for this project. [Dynamic WordWorx associate] supplied the guidance and leadership to keep everyone on task and to be certain it reached its fruition on time."[excerpt from Focus on Pharmacology: Essentials for Health Professionals, ©2008, Pearson Education]

Jahangir Moini, MD, MPH
Eastern Florida State College

"A special thank you is imparted to Elena Mauceri, publishing consultant and former Delmar editor, who worked with me during every developmental phase of this book. She was always there, on and off the job, to support my ideas, share my concerns, offer encouragement, and provide an empathetic ear. I will always value her editorial proficiency and cherish her kindness." [exerpt from Intravenous Infusion Therapy for Nurses: Principles and Practice, ©1999, Delmar Publishers]

Dianne L. Josephson, RN, MSN
Former Professor, El Paso Community College

"I also wish to thank my righthand woman, Elena Mauceri, for the many hours spent making this text readable, and [Dynamic WordWorx associate] for her perseverance in locating authors and publishers while securing the many permissions that were needed to complete this practical guide." [excerpt from The Clinical Application of Outcomes Assessment, ©2000 Appleton & Lange]

Steven G. Yeomans, DC, FACO
Yeomans-Edinger Chiropractic Center

"To Elena Mauceri, because of your hard work, your diligent persistence, and your knowledgeable foresight, the fifth edition is the best of the best. Words cannot express my gratitude." [excerpt from Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy, ©2005, Pearson Education]

Jane Rice, RN, CMA-C

"To [Dynamic WordWorx associate]--You were with me all the way. Through your guidance and excellent work, this sixth edition of my 'dream' has reached a new dimension. To Elena Mauceri--You have been with me through many a revision, and I cherish your assistance and friendship." [excerpt from Medical Terminology: A Word-Building Approach, ©2008, Pearson Education]

Jane Rice, RN, CMA-C

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